‘Let’s Get Real, Let’s Talk Sickle’ event held by  Edmonton’s Patient Care Group

‘Let’s Get Real, Let’s Talk Sickle’ event held by Edmonton’s Patient Care Group

Saturday 7th September saw Edmonton’s Patient Care Group (PCG) hold its event on Sickle Cell awareness titled ‘Let’s Get Real, Let’s Talk Sickle.’

It is estimated that there are between 12,500 to 15,000 people with Sickle Cell in the UK, many from the African-Caribbean, Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean and Asian backgrounds, with numbers slowly rising due to the increasing number of migration and new births.

With the PCG having experience of the condition that affects red blood cells, and doing regular visits to patients at their local hospital, the group thought it would benefit members of their local community to raise awareness of this rare disorder.

Samantha Greaves of Sickle Cell Cause, a support group for those affected directly or indirectly by Sickle Cell gave an engaging talk highlighting what a Sickle Cell sufferer goes through.
She also highlighted the importance of having checks to see if the mostly African-Caribbean audience have the Sickle Cell trait and what help and support is available to them. The talk was followed by a Q&A session.

Eseroghene Akarovwe, Head Coordinator of the Patient Care Group then spoke about the important work they do in the community. A short video was shown introducing the PCG Group followed by a member of the Victory Youth Group who shared her experience of receiving help and support by the PCG.

As a bonus, Kaisar Abdallah of Diversity Living Services was on hand to take blood pressure checks and also praised the initiative to talk about Sickle Cell. She said “Amazing presentation which was informative. A well-needed community get together on a condition which is hardly spoken about. UCKG is doing a good job on raising awareness. I am glad I was able to attend to conduct the blood pressure checks. Everyone was very friendly.”

Samantha Greaves of Sickle Cell Cause said, “I am so very honoured to have been asked to open this powerful month of education with the Patient Care Group in Edmonton. Thank you UCKG. This was a great platform to share the awareness and a great team to work with. I look forward to coming back.”

There was also positive feedback from attendees.

Natalie Imlach from Enfield said, “I didn’t realise how much the trait can affect a person. I am glad I am now more informed because my son has the trait.”

Andrea Oferma from Tottenham said, “The event was amazing. I learned a lot about Sickle Cell and how to help anyone in crisis before medical help arrives.”

Deyonce Murdock from Tottenham said, “The event was very insightful beyond just the medical definition of sickle cell. It highlighted the social psychological and emotional implications of living with the disease. The speaker was successful in revealing the human side of fighting against the condition. I certainly took away from the event the need to keep informed and encourage others to be aware of conditions such as this.”

Eseroghene Akarovwe, Head Coordinator of Edmonton PCG added, “This event was very informative and an eye opener especially to the young people who attended who had no idea of the importance of checking for Sickle Cell traits. It also highlighted many ways we can help by donating blood and also signposting to organisations such as Sickle Cell Cause team. Overall, we received very positive feedback about the day.”

If you would like to know more about future Patient Care Group events taking place in the community, you can contact us on groups@uckg.org or call 020 7686 6020