Hammersmith VYG joins forces with local Police for a weapons sweep

Hammersmith VYG joins forces with local Police for a weapons sweep

Hammersmith VYG took part in a weapons sweep with the Safer Neighbourhood Team in the area around the Hammersmith Apollo, for it “We Care’ Youth Engagement day.

After being briefed on safety rules and statistics on past weapon sweeps in the local area, Jevon Olumide, Hammersmith’s youth leader gave a brief introduction on the VYG including their upcoming march against your violence.
The Police were very interested in how the VYG works with young people and their work in the community.

Gloves were then handed out to everyone for the start of the weapons sweep. Although nothing significant was found, the VYG appreciated doing something that makes a difference to the community.

Local residents seeing what was happening were quite interested in what the VYG were doing and were happy to see young people engaged in local community work.

Georgina Mukalere, a member of Hammersmith’s VYG said, “It was nice to do something in the community that is so small and yet helps in a big way.”
William Bryan, also a VYG member commented, “It was amazing to be part of something that helps the community police search for weapons, working together to make for a better environment.”

Sergeant Richard from Hammersmith and Fulham Police said, “…it’s good for young people to come out and do something which has a positive impact in the community.”

Youth leader Jevon Olumide added, “Today was good and productive. I believe it was a great way for the VYG to show the care that we have towards the community. Although we didn’t find any knives I believe it conveyed the tranquility of our community in comparison to others in London.

If you would like to know more about the Victory Youth Group or how they can get involved in local community activities such as weapons sweeps, clean-ups or other community activities, then please contact the UCKG Community Outreach Team via email at groups@uckg.org.