Edmonton VYG helps clean up Pymmes Park

Edmonton VYG helps clean up Pymmes Park

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Twelve members of the  Victory Youth Group in Edmonton, London organised for their ‘We Care’ Youth Engagement day to help clean up Pymmes Park.

The Friends of Pymmes Park describe it as a little oasis in the centre of a very busy community where local residents can escape the humdrum of every day life. The F.O.P.P. are a very small band of local residents who welcome other local residents in joining them and actively volunteer their time for the benefit of all users of the Park.

Margaret Baker, Secretary of Friends of Pymmes Park who worked with the VYG last year was delighted to have them back this year and said, “I am very happy with the work done today. I did not believe we would do so much in an hour. The youths are amazing and hardworking. You are always welcome.”

If you would like to know more about the Victory Youth Group or how they can get involved in local community activities such as weapons sweeps, clean-ups or other community activities, then please contact the UCKG Community Outreach Team via email at groups@uckg.org.